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Telco Cloud 2015 Survey Results #Telcocloud

Hello Telco Cloud community,

Exciting news – we are now finalising the agenda for the 2015 Telco Cloud Forum. For the past month I have been researching with the industry to identify challenges and trends that the Telco Cloud community is facing currently when launching cloud services. After speaking to over 50 top industry experts it has become clear that there are definitely key common trends amongst telcos, that we’ll be covering in the 2015 agenda. Let me tell you a bit more about them….

Virtualisation is the big topic that everybody is talking about!  As you might remember, last year we had a stream devoted to technical innovations, including virtualisation. It went so well that you’ve asked us to expand it in 2015. So watch out for a whole stream on new trends, interesting case studies and exciting tools on NFV, SDN and network virtualisation. We will bring all the relevant solutions and Telco cloud virtualisation practical case studies. You will walk away knowing how virtualisation is changing the game for Telcos’ cloud business?

Not surprisingly, cloud security appeared to be another major topic. Over 70% of my calls mentioned that security is becoming progressively more important to Telcos looking to win in the cloud space.  Building a strong holistic approach towards a wide range of security problems is ‘a must’ for Telcos. It’s not an IT service anymore, it’s Telcos’ USP.

Since we launched the Forum over 5 years ago we’ve been covering Go-to-Market strategies or in other words ‘How to Sell’ and ‘What to Sell’.  The 2015 Telco Cloud Forum will be covering this crucial and essential topic from all the possible angles. We will delve into the deepest details of Business Models and Go-to-Market strategies. Have a look yourself at some of the sessions we have lined up:

  • Oxford Style Debates: What do Telcos Sell Best?
  • SaaS and other XaaS: Challenges to Overcome and the Right Decisions to Make
  • Hybrid Models – Delivering Best-in-class High-performance and High-Availability
  • M2M Opportunities for Telco Cloud
  • Workshop: Advancing SaaS Business Models: Enhancing Product Portfolio
  • Unified Communication as an Essential Business Reality
  • 360 Degree Panel on How to Sell the Cloud? Hear from all parties involved in selling the Cloud: each panellist will be a representative from each market player: Telco, System Integrator, Cloud experts and Cloud Service Providers
  • The SME as the Number 1 Customer Group that Telcos can Grow their Revenue From
  • How ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group Are Developing their ICT Strategy Implementing Cloud Based Services
  • Utilizing New Channels to Attract Existing or Adjacent Customer Segments
  • New and Enhanced Revenue Streams from Enterprise Mobility
  • Panel: What are the Skillsets Required to Successfully Sell Cloud – Learning A, B, C Once Again

Finally, there is no way we can avoid the hot topic of the moment, Big Data and Analytics. Over the past few years Big Data has evolved from being a buzz word to something Telcos are increasingly implementing and using when improving customer experience and operational efficiency. The main challenges that operators told me they are facing are all about maximizing existing Data in the Cloud.  Knowing which privileges Telcos have and learning about practical lessons and pain points of Big Data implementation are the top priorities for Telcos now.


We shouldn’t think so SPaaRSE with PaaS (sorry!)

13 01 2014

Not just for the little guy with no cuff-links or tux..

The Java PaaS company, CloudBees’ CEO recently made an insightful remark on how the concept of Platform as a Service (or PaaS) is commonly associated with smaller firms and individuals even that “gives [them] a chance to focus on creating and delivering applications while leaving behind the burden associated with infrastructure and operations.”

Sacha Labourey, whose company is somewhat synonymous with “PaaS” at the moment, goes on to state that enterprises that are traditionally late adopters are being disrupted by smaller, earlier adopters; and that there are two main drivers behind this:

Continuous Intergration (CI) in the Cloud 


Facilitating user engagement

What do you think?

As always, we’re most keen on the everyday, GRaaS-roots (sorry!), accounts of our adoring followers so please share!

For the full article, click here


Your top 11 Cloud industry predictions

8 1 13

Yes, yes, we know – yet another list of yet more new year predictions.

What makes this one different? Well, Business Cloud News recently went through the trouble of rounding up what YOU are all touting as the the future of the Cloud (this year).

See below for the lowdown and click here for the full, quote laden, article.

1. The year of PaaS is 2014 – IDC

2. Hybrid cloud will impact application deployment strategies – NetApp

3. Security concerns will drive encryption everywhere – CenturyLink Cloud

4. Mobile and cloud to force new thinking on security – Forrester Research

5. Big enterprises will adopt SMB tactics in IT – Rackspace

6. The rise of the “industry cloud” – Applayer

7. Businesses and IT will merge – Stratus technologies

8. Big data will change IT and drive private cloud storage adoption – Riverbed

9. OpenStack to hit the mainstream but only the strongest providers will survive – Red Hat

10. Wearables will grow in popularity and require new infrastructure to support them – Service Source

11. Mobile networks becoming the new networks – Soft Layer

What do you think?

Anything missing on this list? Anything that shouldn’t be on this list?

We are always very keen on hearing from those that are at the heart of all things cloud so please, share your opinions!

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“Cloud services reached half a billion in MENA this year” – Gartner

20 12 13

Proving that not even intense heat can withstand the spread of Cloud…


Famous IT research and advisory firm Gartner Inc recently revealed that there’s been a 24%  increase in spending on cloud services in the Middle-East and North Africa Region.

“The public cloud services market continues robust growth in MENA through the forecast period of 2011 through 2017,” said Ed Anderson, research director at Gartner.

“While BPaaS dominates as the largest cloud segment, the high growth rates of infrastructure as a service [IaaS], platform as a service [PaaS] and cloud management and security services make them important markets to watch.”

For those particularly interested in all things Cloud in MENA, there is an event rather fittingly entitled: Cloud World Forum MENA 2014 taking place next year…

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