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The Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail: How and why the cloud will irrevocably change the way retailers do business

The Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail White Paper, in association with Rackspace, outlines everything you need to know about the cloud and how it can push you to succeed in the fast emerging environment of cross-channel retail.

It sets out the key strategic considerations for decision-makers when deciding whether to opt for the cloud, and how to use it best.


How and why the cloud will irrevocably change the way retailers do business

This White Paper explores:

  • Why companies need to prepare for a new retail environment where customers interact across many different touchpoints
  • How the cloud offers flexibility and scalability to help retailers succeed in this new world
  • How the cloud can provide extra capacity for peaks and troughs of demand – fundamental to successful modern retailing
  • How the cloud can both save money and free up senior IT staff
  • Featuring case studies of retailers who are already succeeding in grasping the cross-channel opportunities afforded by the cloud

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This White Paper is brought to you by Internet Retailing and Cloud World Forum, the EMEA’s only Cloud and DevOps expo, taking place on the 24th – 25th June 2015 at the Olympia Grand in London.

The conference will feature 300+ speakers, many of whom represent the retail sector, including Marc van der Heijden, SVP Global IT from Adidas Group, Tarun Samtani, Information Security Architect at Ebuyer, Ajay Dankar, Senior Director at eBay and many more.

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BSS in the Cloud White Paper

Cloud BSS ImageWhy not have a read of Informa’s white paper on ‘BSS in the Cloud’. Here are some of the key points from the white paper:

Key points

– Research suggests that the trend towards cloud-based BSS is being driven by convergent operators looking to reduce capital expenditure and operating costs.

– 34% of the respondents to Informa’s survey said they were already using some form of cloud-based BSS and a further 33% said they were currently evaluating the idea.

– Cloud-based BSS is already an option for CSPs but initial take-up is led by billing and revenue management services.

– Almost half of the survey respondents said they preferred to pay for cloud-based BSS on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

– Security and data privacy are top among the factors which could possibly inhibit the uptake of cloud-based BSS.

– There is a strong preference for the private cloud model for mission-critical operations such as BSS.

– 80% of survey respondents said they were seeing cloud-based BSS products coming to market which met their needs and expectations

Read the full white paper at:

Cloud World Series News…

The next event in the Cloud World Series is fast approaching: Cloud World Forum Latam has a large-scale free to attend exhibition enabling you to meet all the Latam Cloud leaders under one roof.

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AppDirect White Paper: Putting the Cloud Within Reach

Putting the Cloud Within Reach
How Service Providers Can Succeed with Business Application Marketplaces

Few topics in technology seem to generate as much buzz as cloud computing. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), however, the cloud is far more than just the latest trend; it’s a tool that is fundamentally reshaping how many SMBs run their companies and the results they can achieve. By delivering cost-effective, on-demand computing power and capabilities, the cloud is dissolving the advantages long held by enterprises, and leveling the playing field for millions of SMBs around the globe.

This trend presents a tremendous opportunity for telecom companies and other service providers (SPs) of all sizes. Faced with tough resource constraints, SMBs need partners who can help them find and manage cloud services effectively, and SPs are ideally positioned to provide this assistance. But how can SPs serve SMBs when they, too, often have to contend with limited time, budgets, and other resources?

The answer is simple: cloud service marketplaces provided “as a service.” These web-based application stores—where users can find, purchase, and manage cloud-based software and services—are an ideal solution. Application marketplaces enable SPs to get to market quickly and launch a marketplace with a software delivery platform in a matter of months, instead of the years required to develop a portal from scratch.

This white paper will explore SMB cloud adoption and explain why SPs are perfect candidates to become SMB partners of choice for cloud solutions. It will also detail the elements of a successful cloud service marketplace as well as the technical challenges that SPs need to consider. Finally, the white paper will discuss the pros and cons of developing a solution in house versus working with an application marketplace platform provider.

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Source: AppDirect White Paper

If you would like to meet with AppDirect, Daniel Saks, President and Co-CEO of AppDirect will be at Telco Cloud World Forum in London this April. The event is free to attend for Operators.

White Paper: Oracle Communications Cloud Delivery Solution

Want to know more about Oracle’s Communications Cloud Delivery Solution? Here is an extract from their white paper:

Oracle Communications Cloud Delivery Solution is enabling today’s cloud service providers to offer virtual private cloud networks, virtual data centers, public cloud compute and platform services, unified communication and collaboration services, compute services, and platform services. There are four primary functional areas where Oracle products are making communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprise cloud providers successful in delivering cloud:

  1. Cloud Resources – data centers, virtual machines, operating systems, hardware, software, and storage components where Oracle provides best of breed technology
  2. Cloud Services –the three primary categories of cloud services being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Oracle provides core building blocks for cloud services via engineered systems, service delivery platforms that allow operators to expose their networks to third party developers as a PaaS, and provides software for messaging and collaboration to enable CSPs to develop a SaaS
  3.  Access and Security – composed of identity management, portals, self-service capabilities, database security and security aspects at all levels of cloud
  4.  Cloud Enablement – focused on cloud service creation, delivery, and monetization. This includes management of cloud assets at the resource management, services management, and business management layers. Often times this stack resides outside the cloud managing the cloud

Click here to read Oracle’s full white paper.

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