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Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud #cloudasia

Achieving Business & IT Agility through Advanced SMAC Technologies…

This year’s opening plenary and 3 dedicated streams in Enterprise ensure the opportunities and challenges surrounding the 3rd Platform’ Technologies: Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud are comprehensively covered!

Achieving true enterprise mobility is about more than deploying cloud computing. Cloud is the powerful platform needed to achieve business and IT agility, however cross device enterprise application management, integration of communication and social media, as well as data analytics are the game changers for the successful enterprises, SMEs and Start-Ups of the future.

Recognising the unification of these ICT trends and opportunities, Cloud World Forum Asia combines new case studies from across the SMAC: Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud landscape in the APAC region.

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The story of Twilio: from StubHub headache to API ubiquity

Twilio’s Director of Europe, James Parton tells the story of how one of the latest cloud-based start-ups began – from the every-day problem it sought to fix to the numerous ways in which it is used today.

What do you think? 

Any success stories of your own to share? Any users of Twilio’s API services here?

Let us know!

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