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The Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail: How and why the cloud will irrevocably change the way retailers do business

The Cloud and Cross-Channel Retail White Paper, in association with Rackspace, outlines everything you need to know about the cloud and how it can push you to succeed in the fast emerging environment of cross-channel retail.

It sets out the key strategic considerations for decision-makers when deciding whether to opt for the cloud, and how to use it best.


How and why the cloud will irrevocably change the way retailers do business

This White Paper explores:

  • Why companies need to prepare for a new retail environment where customers interact across many different touchpoints
  • How the cloud offers flexibility and scalability to help retailers succeed in this new world
  • How the cloud can provide extra capacity for peaks and troughs of demand – fundamental to successful modern retailing
  • How the cloud can both save money and free up senior IT staff
  • Featuring case studies of retailers who are already succeeding in grasping the cross-channel opportunities afforded by the cloud

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This White Paper is brought to you by Internet Retailing and Cloud World Forum, the EMEA’s only Cloud and DevOps expo, taking place on the 24th – 25th June 2015 at the Olympia Grand in London.

The conference will feature 300+ speakers, many of whom represent the retail sector, including Marc van der Heijden, SVP Global IT from Adidas Group, Tarun Samtani, Information Security Architect at Ebuyer, Ajay Dankar, Senior Director at eBay and many more.

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Internap takes bare metal cloud to London, Hong Kong #cloudasia

BCNInfrastructure as a service provider Internap announced that it has expanded it bare metal public cloud service to London and Hong Kong. The move comes as other cloud incumbents look to bolster their bare metal cloud offerings alongside their virtualised platforms.

Internap’s bare metal cloud platform claims to offer all of the flexibility of traditional virtualised cloud platforms with the performance of bare metal, and is underpinned by its own proprietary traffic route optimisation software.

The company said it has expanded the platform to London and Hong Kong in the face of rising demand for platforms spec’d to run big data analytics and online gaming applications, which typically require higher-performance infrastructure to run smoothly.

“Organizations deploying real-time, data-intensive applications are increasingly seeking cloud services that provide flawless performance, reliability and cost efficiency across globally distributed environments,” said Christian Primeau, senior vice president and general manager of cloud and hosting at Internap.

“Our bare-metal cloud uniquely addresses these demands, and the addition of our London and Hong Kong locations delivers broader reach in key end user markets,” Primeau said.

Internap is the latest of a number of cloud service providers keen to bolster their bare metal cloud offerings. Rackspace recently launched its OnMetal service, a single-tenant infrastructure as a service that can tap into the full range of APIs available in the OpenStack ecosystem, in a bid to appeal to IT decision makers looking to minimise exposure to the performance tax sometime incurred in virtualised clouds.


OpenStack announces Marketplace catalogue of open source tech #cloudwf

The OpenStack Foundation announced the launch of Marketplace this week, an online catalogue of OpenStack-based products and services to help navigate the growing OpenStack ecosystem. Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation said the catalogue will help clear up much confusion users encounter along the path to adoption.

The OpenStack Marketplace was announced at the OpenStack Foundation Summit in Atlanta, Georgia this week, and extends the organisation’s previous efforts to launch a training-focused digital marketplace.

It will include public cloud services, distributions and appliances, consulting and system integration and drivers on offer from a range of contributing vendors; each piece of technology listed on the marketplace will have to conform to a strict set of characteristics in order to ensure a minimum level of compatibility and quality of use.

Dell, Canonical, HP, The Linux Foundation, SUSE, Red Hat, IBM, Mirantis and Rackspace are among the vendors and organisations with solutions listed in the marketplace at launch.

Bryce also used the Summit to beat the drums of coopetition, a defining characteristic of the OpenStack effort.

“OpenStack is kindof like a farmer’s market in a way,” Bryce said. “You can buy things in different formats: you can get ingredients to make your meals, pre-made meals, you’re going to make a choice between those options. But at some level those vendors that participate have a common goal… that’s really what we see in OpenStack.”

“Our companies compete but they also collaborate to build the best technologies for the benefit of the whole industry,” he said.

Ultimately, the OpenStack Foundation (and participating vendors) hopes marketplace will help clear up confusion that often surrounds the open source platform. With a range of new features and sub-projects constantly being launched and integrated into emerging releases it has been difficult – even, at times, for vendors – to get a clear sense of OpenStack’s identity (more specifically, what it does and does not do).

Written by Jonathan Brandon, Business Cloud News

Cloud World Forum Addresses the Evolving Role of the CIO

London, 18 March 2014 – In an increasingly digital world the Cloud era presents a wealth of opportunity to economies, enterprises and individuals around the globe. At an executive level, Cloud is having a profound effect on the role of CIOs, whose corporate responsibilities are evolving as their companies fight to stay ahead of their competitors and maintain the pace of innovation. This issue will be addressed at this year’s sixth annual Cloud World Forum, where some of the industry’s most notable CIOs will headline as speakers.

In a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, Cloud is listed as one of 12 technologies with the potential to drive massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years[1]. As a huge driver of potential growth, CIOs have to hone new skills and learn how best to harness the power of Cloud.

“The up-and-coming role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) exemplifies the convergence between technology and business,” said Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst at Ovum, in a recent report[2].  “Many CxOs, irrespective of their background, be it IT (CIO), marketing (CMO), or finance (CFO), can potentially fulfill it, with CDOs increasingly regarded as “CEOs in waiting”. In this context, there is a tendency to describe the role as the object of a war between CIOs and other CxOs. Similarly, when it comes to the control of IT budgets, many like to pin CIOs against other CxOs, particularly CMOs. What digital enterprises need is not CxOs battling over roles, budgets, or strategies, but CxOs with both a business and an IT background coordinating their IT investments and strategies.”

As part of the conference agenda on day one, a panel discussion will take place entitled ‘Redefining the role of the CIO in the era of the Cloud’. Among the issues examined by the panel, are: what the CIO role means today if many of the decisions to use Cloud/IT technologies are made by other departments, the rise of Shadow IT and its impact on Data Centre operations and the impact that is needed on contracts and security governance to contain and liberate employees and partnerships, as well as control performance, compliance risks and cyber threats.

Georgios Kipouros, Head of Production, Cloud World Series, said: “Cloud offers huge potential, but like any transformative technology it also presents its challenges too. Aside from the technological implications it’s also drastically altering business operations and responsibilities at managerial level. Organisations have to move faster to keep up with the competitiveness that’s enabled by the Cloud and not fall prey to more forward-thinking companies – and the role of the CIO is central to doing that. This is a hot topic in the industry and the Cloud World Forum presents the perfect platform for the industry’s leaders to gather and debate the issue.”

The Cloud World Forum conference and exhibition will take place on 17-18 June 2014, at the Olympia National Hall, London, UK. As EMEA’s largest Cloud event it boasts the industry’s most comprehensive agenda, with more than 240 speakers participating from 74 countries. The latest advances in Cloud and IT technologies will be unveiled and the show features the only agenda in the industry led by Cloud end-users including large and medium sized enterprises, public sector organisations, online players, regulators, telcos and analysts.

2014’s event will explore the latest in the field of SaaS, channel, virtualisation, security, OpenStack, Big Data and much more. It will also see the launch of a dedicated theatre on Enterprise Mobility and BYOx.

Cloud World Forum 2014 has already received unprecedented industry support from the leading Cloud solution providers, including: HP, Microsoft, Intel, Salesforce, Google, IBM, Rackspace and AWS.

The event will be co-located with Big Data World Congress and Enterprise Apps World, and the event will also benefit from the introduction of a more engaging, interactive programme including innovative learning formats such as hands-on labs, live demos and brainstorming sessions throughout all theatres and co-located events.

To view the full event programme and register for Cloud World Forum, please visit or call +44 (0)207 017 5506. Alternatively, keep up to date with the event on Twitter @CloudWSeries or using #CloudWF.


About Cloud World Forum
Cloud World Forum is EMEA’s leading Cloud event with the industry’s most comprehensive agenda of all things Cloud. Over 8000 delegates come from more than 70 countries around the world to meet the industry’s leading solution providers. Now celebrating its sixth year, the show gathers the pivotal payers of the Cloud revolution and features 12 theatres led by Cloud end-users. More than 300 speakers from multinationals, SMEs, public sector organisations, online players, regulators, telcos and analysts are set to take the floor in engaging, thought-provoking keynotes, hands-on labs, brainstorming sessions and live demos over two days.

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Your top 11 Cloud industry predictions

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Yes, yes, we know – yet another list of yet more new year predictions.

What makes this one different? Well, Business Cloud News recently went through the trouble of rounding up what YOU are all touting as the the future of the Cloud (this year).

See below for the lowdown and click here for the full, quote laden, article.

1. The year of PaaS is 2014 – IDC

2. Hybrid cloud will impact application deployment strategies – NetApp

3. Security concerns will drive encryption everywhere – CenturyLink Cloud

4. Mobile and cloud to force new thinking on security – Forrester Research

5. Big enterprises will adopt SMB tactics in IT – Rackspace

6. The rise of the “industry cloud” – Applayer

7. Businesses and IT will merge – Stratus technologies

8. Big data will change IT and drive private cloud storage adoption – Riverbed

9. OpenStack to hit the mainstream but only the strongest providers will survive – Red Hat

10. Wearables will grow in popularity and require new infrastructure to support them – Service Source

11. Mobile networks becoming the new networks – Soft Layer

What do you think?

Anything missing on this list? Anything that shouldn’t be on this list?

We are always very keen on hearing from those that are at the heart of all things cloud so please, share your opinions!

Twitter: @CloudWseries

Linkedin: Cloud World Series group

European ignorance of new technology keeps it behind US – Rackspace

“Companies are simply not investing in the knowledge to allow their staff to learn, play and understand the products and services available. When we compare this to the US, their impressive training and level of knowledge is much higher, giving them a huge competitive advantage”

The VP of Technology, Nigel Beighton, goes on to highlight the importance of wearable tech which, as we know, hasn’t exactly taken off quite as many would have hoped.

“In theory, Big Data has only just landed but the increasing use of it to support wearable technology will be the catalyst for its huge adoption in 2014. When the two eventually marry up, we can expect to see massive growth.

There is still a long way to go until we will see exponential consumer adoption [of Google Glass and the Samsung smart watch]. One of the reasons for this is that the real value lies not in the design of the glasses or watch, but the information we get from these devices. Only when it adds context-sensitive data like recognising a person or knowing locations will it truly take off.”

What do you think?

Are wearable technologies really as integral to progress as Beighton states? Or, if they were, would they even require such justification?

Can you imagine yourself sporting sensors and trackers in the form of a wristwatch?

Let us know!

Full interview:

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