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Outsourcing IT services to cloud providers #cloudwf

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Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels, the world’s leading enabler of cloud computing services, recently stated that slightly more than half of businesses globally outsource their IT services to cloud providers choosing that over the traditional model of building those services in-house.

Network software company, Spiceworks, says that in the last 12 months it has seen a 10 per cent decrease in companies using on premise IT pushing the base of cloud users to 55 per cent.

But what is cloud all about? Cloud storage services make sure that important files are available 24×7 wherever you are and using whatever device you have at hand, be it a laptop, desktop or a mobile device. You don’t have to worry any more about losing vital information if you misplace your device or your computer dies down.

Cloud saves your files, documents or photos not only on your computer or other devices but also in a date centre on premise. The cloud’s value proposition to companies includes lowered costs and handing of technical headaches to a third party. But barriers to adoption for enterprises include data sovereignty and worries over the stability of handing IT functions over to a vendor.

With the proliferation of online, cloud based storage solutions such as Dropbox and SugarSync accessing data has never been easier. Losing that very same data has also become easier. Data leaks are a serious concern for both large and small business. Apart from violating data privacy and regulatory rules, other concerns such as data confidentiality and integrity come into play.

Data loss becomes a serious problem since the aforementioned services allow users to keep any uploaded data even once they leave the company. Data is no longer under the control of a business’ IT team.

SkySync by 6PM introduces an alternative to the myriad of file sharing services found in the market. It has been designed and built for business. It ensures that you can access your files both online and offline; a true file synchronisation to any device; easy to control and track and a single sign-on integration. SkySync ensures that you can remotely back-up the contents of your file service and remotely wipe your devices.

And if you are worried about having control over confidential information SkySync understands such matters and strives to match its product to your security needs. It makes sure that only authorised files can be opened besides securing data in transit and on every device. It allows one to share documents among colleagues, suppliers, etc while retaining control over company files even on devices that one does not have control on. These include:

Ease of use: Designed from the ground-up, to be easy to deploy and administer, SkySync emphasizes short deployment times and short learning curves while still offering a feature rich product.

Ease of integration: Core to the SkySync implementation is integration. 6PM’s SkySync has been designed to be minimally intrusive to the client’s already existing infrastructure. SkySync can leverage Microsoft Active Directory to control logins and natively integrates with existing windows server file shares to free your existing data, synchronizing across multiple devices while still leaving control firmly in the hands of windows server administrators.

Private on-premise: Unlike other solutions, none of 6PM’s SkySync infrastructure depends on third party servers. Each SkySync deployment is a self-contained installation. Neither the control messages nor the data passes through 3rd party infrastructure. Every bit of communication goes directly to the client installation leaving control once again firmly in the hands of IT, allowing control over all aspects and reducing the risk of data leakage while still allowing employees to be productive and access data anytime, anywhere.

Security: All data between clients and the SkySync server is secured using industry standard encryption standards via SSL. By using 6PM’s SkySync, the number of entry points to your windows file servers is reduced since all requests are first sent to the SkySync Server. It is possible to increase security by allowing only the SkySync Server to communicate directly with the windows file servers.

Feature Rich: SkySync offers features that users have come to know and love, such as apps for popular mobile platforms like Apple iPhone and Android. Other features include public file sharing… meaning users no longer need to use third party services leaving your data safe and secure within your data centre at all times.

You can find out more about SkySync at the Cloud World Forum at the Olympia National Hall in Central London on June 17 and 18 or log onto

Annette Vella is the Public Relations Executive at 6PM. Before joining 6PM she worked as a journalist with one of the leading media houses in Malta writing scripts and features for television, radio and newspapers.


Cloud World Forum Asia welcomes Parallels

Cloud World Forum Asia is delighted to welcome Parallels on board as official drinks sponsor.

The 3rd Annual Cloud World Forum Asia 2012 is taking place at the Eaton Smart Hotel in Hong Kong from 12th – 14th November 2012. The Cloud World Forum Asia is the only  place to discuss how cloud computing is transforming telcos and the enterprise across the APAC region.

■ Over 500 senior telco and enterprise representatives
■ 60+ expert speakers from across the region
■ More than 20 global exhibitors in our co-located expo
■ 2 conference streams dividing telco and enterprise seminars

Combining the Cloud Computing World Forum Asia and the Telecom Cloud Summit APAC, this two day conference and exhibition covers every aspect of cloud, giving attending delegates all the information they need to begin or to expand on their cloud adoption needs. Find out more at:

The event is free to attend for Operators and Enterprises. Sign up for your free place here:

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