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Managing the cloud marketplace of a carrier

Managing the cloud marketplace of a carrier – Telefonica’s Aplicateca business applications store

By Manuel Gallo, director of Strategy and Business Development, EMEA Cloud Centre of Competence, NEC Europe Ltd.

NEC believes that cloud computing is the most important sustainable revenue opportunity for carriers since voice. By delivering next generation IT through the next generation network (NGN), carriers would become a strong player in the cloud computing business, with unique competence and valuable assets.

Carriers should take some strong decisions about leading the cloud market, and businesses will follow them instead of following pure IT players which do not provide, as of today, a whole, end-to-end business solution.

One example of such a solution is Telefonica’s Aplicateca business applications store for SMEs. A globally scalable cloud service that provides additional “Over the Top” revenues. This multi-tenancy platform allows multiple business customers to subscribe to and use a variety of applications and services on the same infrastructure.  Those customers can access all the applications and services they wish by using just one window.

Since the launch, end users have been eagerly utilising a variety of applications such as CRM, billing, video-conferencing and GPS tracking applications at low monthly fees. And they have enjoyed finding their requests for new applications being addressed quickly.

In 2009, Telefonica´s Group started looking for new business models to boost revenues and profitability.They had seen the once rapid rise in mobile traffic slow, stall and then saw it dwindle because of the impact of increased competition from the established telecoms industry and new areas like online and other sources. At the other end, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were requesting new services to strengthen their business capabilities and faster respond to their customers’ needs.

However, any new service had to satisfy Telefonica’s customers globally.  This required high usability and flexibility and a diverse range of applications with end to end support scheme. Due to the low initial investment and minimal risk, Telefonica decided to use NEC’s Carrier Cloud model as the optimum way to meet the needs of these customers.

“We carefully analysed a large number of options and finally found NEC’s Carrier Cloud to be the best solution,” said Angel Sanchez de Rivera Colino, Head of SaaS & BPaaS at Telefonica Digital.


How NEC powered Telefonica’s SaaS Cloud


Want to find out how NEC powered Telefonica’s SaaS Cloud? Read their white paper below:

We took care of the clouds for Telefonica

At NEC we uniquely provide Cloud solutions that combine IT & communication innovations like SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’. It is products like this that enabled Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica to adapt, thrive and compete in today’s competitive market place. It’s this holistic business model that allows us, and our partners to stay one step ahead of the competition.

There are no limits when NEC takes care of the cloudsThe future is brighter and clearer than ever before for businesses worldwide due to the extra benefits and advantages of Cloud computing solutions.


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