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Exclusive Q&A with Fin Goulding, CIO of Paddy Power

Fin Goulding is Chief Information Officer at Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, and is speaking at Cloud World Forum at London’s Olympia on 24-25 June, about the Cloud and DevOps in his business. We took some time with Fin to talk about the challenges and status of Cloud in his sector, followed by an in-depth discussion on what DevOps means to him personally.

The interview…

We start off by talking about some of the challenges of being a CIO in the (largely online) gaming sector, one of which is that there are major (often sporting) events that happen at certain points in the year, and they have to be ready for those spikes in capacity demand.

Another major challenge in the sector is security, about which Fin asserts “we’re hyper-concerned about security in our world because we’re even more highly regulated than banking”. This is largely due to concerns about data loss, particularly in relation to the Cloud. When talking about this, he makes an excellent analogy: “if I put my bike in your house and it’s stolen, who’s responsible for that loss? It’s usually me”. This is a primary concern, and one about which Fin and his team have to be super diligent.

Sticking with Cloud technology, and the status of it within his sector, Fin feels that they are on a similar journey to many companies and industries, and that journey entails moving from “credit card Cloud” to “back office Cloud”. To elaborate, moving from niche Cloud use cases to IT teams working in a digital world, where they have back office systems (eg. HR, finance, ticketing) that are becoming “cloudified”, freeing the team up to spend more time on frontend work.

“But for us, like a number of companies, the next level will be enterprise level cloud, which is really a hybrid. It’s a capacity-on-demand model – recovery-as-a-service – or as Joe Baguley of VMware would call it, data center N+1, so that you’ve actually got this reliability in your production system.”

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Fin will be presenting in the Keynote Theatre
at the Cloud World Forum, at Olympia Grand in London on the 24th – 25th June 2015, on ‘A Transformational Journey: Implementing DevOps & Agile at Scale.

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Apple and Facebook Flash Forward to Computer Memory of the Future

apple-data-center If you hire a plane, you can fly over the massive data center Apple operates in the woodlands of North Carolina, snapping some distant photos of the 500,000-square-foot facility that drives the company’s iCloud web services. And if you’re on foot, you can get a little closer. You might even sneak a peek at the solar farm or the biogas plant that helps power this internet engine room. But Apple won’t let you inside the building — and it won’t tell you what you might find there.

It would be nice to know. Like Google and Amazon, Apple delivers web services to hundreds of millions of people across the globe — at last count, iCloud served over 250 million souls — and that requires a whole new breed of hardware and software, stuff that’s far more efficient than the gear inside most data centers. You can think of this as the technology of tomorrow. As the web continues to grow, the tech used by the Apples and the Googles will trickle down to the rest of the world. In many cases, it already has. (more…)

Deutsche Telekom dives into multi-cloud management with NetOptimize


The German telco is preparing twin services called NetAnalyze and NetOptimize, which are geared towards companies that want to ensure CDN redundancy while optimizing performance-to-cost ratios.

Deutsche Telekom (DT) hasn’t announced this one yet, but the German communications giant is getting into the cloud multi-sourcing business. The website for two new services is already live: they’re called NetAnalyze and NetOptimize, and the focus seems to be on content delivery. (more…)

Data center without walls

White paper: Data center without walls
White Paper:
Ciena cloud networking: Data center without walls

This paper is the first in a series describing Ciena’s vision for the future of cloud networking, and the solutions that turn that vision into reality for both IT providers and IT users.

A Data Center Without Walls is the combination of geographically distributed data centers able to function as an efficient shared resource pool to address any magnitude of workload demand from anywhere across that geography with assured service performance.

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White Paper: Oracle Communications Cloud Delivery Solution

Want to know more about Oracle’s Communications Cloud Delivery Solution? Here is an extract from their white paper:

Oracle Communications Cloud Delivery Solution is enabling today’s cloud service providers to offer virtual private cloud networks, virtual data centers, public cloud compute and platform services, unified communication and collaboration services, compute services, and platform services. There are four primary functional areas where Oracle products are making communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprise cloud providers successful in delivering cloud:

  1. Cloud Resources – data centers, virtual machines, operating systems, hardware, software, and storage components where Oracle provides best of breed technology
  2. Cloud Services –the three primary categories of cloud services being Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Oracle provides core building blocks for cloud services via engineered systems, service delivery platforms that allow operators to expose their networks to third party developers as a PaaS, and provides software for messaging and collaboration to enable CSPs to develop a SaaS
  3.  Access and Security – composed of identity management, portals, self-service capabilities, database security and security aspects at all levels of cloud
  4.  Cloud Enablement – focused on cloud service creation, delivery, and monetization. This includes management of cloud assets at the resource management, services management, and business management layers. Often times this stack resides outside the cloud managing the cloud

Click here to read Oracle’s full white paper.

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