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Cloud Services Brokerages- Enabling Service Providers to Drive New Revenue Streams and Increase Market Share

Read an extract from Jamcracker’s White paper: Cloud Services Brokerage Enablement

The cloud market is growing at a rate of 30% annually. Analysts predict that service providers are well positioned to be the leading point of distribution for cloud services in light of the scale of their operations and their capacity to offer end-to-end lifecycle management for IaaS, SaaS and PaaS over secure managed networks.

Delivering cloud services has emerged as one of the most important opportunities of the decade for service providers. To retain existing customers, grow market share and maintain existing profit margins on core services; service providers need an edge on their competition and to increase agility in addressing emerging market opportunities. In what is often considered their “core” business, service providers are facing new competition from companies that are offering a range of value-added services to small, medium and large enterprises. For most providers, it’s no longer a question of if but rather how they make that transition from a traditional telecommunications provider to a ‘technology services’ company… Click here to download the full white paper.

Action Points for Telcos to Make Cloud a Sustainable Growth Reality

Telco CloudRead the Executive Summary of white paper: Cloud from Telcos: Business distraction or a key to growth?

Arthur D. Little (AD Little), one of the world’s leading consultancy firms in innovative technology has released a white-paper on cloud services delivered by telcos. Neostratus are listed as the only Cloud Enabler to have been asked to collaborate with AD Little in the course of producing this report entitled: Cloud from Telcos: Business distraction or a key to growth? – Open action point: Make Cloud a sustainable growth reality for Telcos!’

In the report, AD Little observe that cloud services should be a high priority for telcos, but note that many current approaches fall short of what is required to become a significant and sustainable force in the cloud.  Backed with extensive market analysis and case studies, AD Little outlines a number of key success factors to form a comprehensive framework for telcos to move into and excel in cloud services.

Executive Summary of the report:
“Cloud revenues are significant in every market and growing in healthy double-digit terms. Even though the Cloud market is still nascent, there are already a plethora of service providers dividing this revenue, exploiting the freedom of OTT plays.  However, there is a significant market need for local (national) capability combined with the benefits of Cloud services. (more…)

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