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Analytics and Big Data – Day One Highlights #Bigdataws

The Analytics and Big Data Congress – Day One!

What an amazing first day we had at the 5th Analytics & Big Data Congress! We are delighted to be hosting such an interactive audience and excellent speakers.

  • Philips and Kacy Harding opened the conference and discussed their strategy to engage with customers and reaching out to their audience through a variety of channels and even mobile applications.
  • Thierry Bedos delivered an exhaustive list of advice from on balancing your data innovation, platform building, operationalising your solution, communicating the new capabilities and delivering new use cases!
  • Ed Child from Asda spoke about the three components of success: data, tools, experts as key to translate data into action.
  • Robert Easton from Google presented on innovative uses of Big Data and showcased how it is in the benefit of the individual to give access to his/her data .

We closed the discussions elaborating on data protection, the feasibility of The Right To Be Forgotten in the era of Big Data with experts from the Information Commissioner’s Office, the European Data Protection supervisor and Kemp Little.



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What to expect on Day Two:

  • From M2M to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the central role of data
  • Gaining Value and trust in the Internet of Things and Big Data
  • Excelling in talent management: Investing in your most valuable asset, your employees, and bringing in cultural change
  • Data analytics for smart energy
  • Focus on the analytics to succeed with big data & data mining
  • Data analytics for the automotive sector
  • Investing in visualisation tools that simplify data analytics to improve its absorption from decision making functions
  • Boosting the organisation’s innovation by integrating its decision making with data analytics generated insights on customer needs
  • Acknowledging the rise of the digital marketeer and his role to drive engagement and minimise retention rates
  • Making big data a first class citizen of the enterprise

Click here to view the AGENDA.

Your Analytics and Big Data Expert Speakers Includes…

  • Thierry Bedos, CTO,
  • Pascal Moyon, Chief Digital Officer,
  • Robert Easton, Head of Google Cloud Platform UK&I, Google
  • Ed Child, Head of Customer Data & Marketing Effectiveness, Asda
  • Kacy Harding, Director of CDJ Decision Enablement, Philips
  • Simon Pack, Section Head Statistics & Data Management, Europe, P&G
  • Dr. Susan Wegner, Vcicer President Internet & Services, T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom
  • Gael Decoudu, Director, Global Analytics Decision Science, Vistaprint
  • Kiran Pande, Former Head of DW BI & CRM, Ladbrokes
  • Hermione Vaury, Head of Web Analytics, Air France
  • Jonas Vang, Global Director fir Search & User Experience,
  • Dan Senter, Reporting Centre of Excellence Manager, National Grid
  • Arturo Dell, Head of Business Intelligence, London Borough of Camden
  • Regis Hourdouillie, Smart Grid Director, Global Utility Team, Ericsson
  • Pierter Den Hamer, Big Data & Analytics Leader, Alliander
  • Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, IT- Information Management, Ovum
  • Simon Griffiths, Business Intelligence Manager, BBC
  • Dr. Michael Weichert, Central Analytics Business Intelligence, Vodafone
  • Richard Sefl, Senior Lecturer in Analytics & Governance, University of Derby
  • Pietro Boggia, Principal – Automotive & Transportation, Frost & Sullivan
  • Zsuzsanna Belenyessy, Legal Officer, EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor)
  • Carl Wiper, Senior Policy Officer (Policy Delivery), Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Nicola Fulford, Data Protection and Privacy Partner, Kemp Little LLP
  • Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

Click here to view the FULL SPEAKER LINE-UP.

We look forward to welcoming those attending Day Two!

The Analytics and Big Data Team.

Cloud World Forum Rides The Big Data Wave

11808-Big-Data-World-Congress small

London, 06 June 2014 – Big Data is the future of business consumer relationships as businesses, governments, researchers and organizations across all industries attempt to harness burgeoning masses of complex data to advance applications and services. This year’s Cloud World Forum, co-located with Big Data World Congress, looks at how organizations are analysing their Big Data, to make more intelligent personalized choices about their customers and also at the risks Big Data poses.

Venturebeat  recently reported how Big Data analytics has the capability to prevent systems crashing like HBO GO, which recently failed on the first episode of the new Game of Thrones season because of high levels of traffic. Venturebeat reported that by analysing subscriber trends, HBO could have prevented the crash by adjusting its network to support the increase of traffic. However, Big Data has also recently been criticised, in a report by the White House  concerns were raised about the privacy of data and discriminatory outcomes of detailed personal profiles and automated algorithms.

Big Data World Congress will address these issues head on, leading the way on big data discussions with panels and presentations running throughout the event. On Day One, Jean-Pierre Temime, Executive Vice President, Orange Labs, will deliver a presentation titled, “How can Telco’s tap into the value of Big and Fast Data?” Also on Day One, Temine will join Mojtaba Akbari, CTO, SEPAM Group and Dr. Susan Wegner, Vice President Internet and Services, T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom, on a panel discussion looking at creating a Big Data ecosystem within organisations.

On Day Two Charles Ewen, CIO, Met Office, will present a masterclass keynote on how the MET Office is harnessing operational Big Data, looking at the role technology plays in forecasts and predictions. Day Two will also see Ian Massingham, Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services; discuss why Cloud Computing is vital to company’s delivery of advanced analytic and processing tools, how to overcome networking, storage and architectural challenges and the growing need for holistically flexible environments.

Dr Will Venters, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, London School of Economics, who will be speaking at Cloud World Forum said: “Cloud Computing continues to dominate the enterprise IT debate – for good reason. But capitalising on the long-term strategic impact requires detailed analysis. Events like Cloud World Forum are useful to meet others wrestling with similar issues – and to learn from their analysis”

Cloud World Forum will also look at Big Data with Susan Doniz, Global CIO, Aimia, looking at how Cloud, Big Data and next generation IT technology can help companies build relationships with their best customers on Day Two of the Future Cloud track.

Susan Doinz, Global CIO, Aimia said:“Cloud computing technology and SaaS models are allowing us to simplify and commoditize the technology that Aimia’s employees use daily, making us more flexible, responsive and effective,” Doniz said. “But more importantly, they are enabling us to offer similar benefits to our customers – a drive to standardization, flexible pricing models, and scalability to manage periods of surging data or the sheer volume and variety of data generated from the relationships with their own customers.”

The Cloud World Forum, co-located with Big Data World Congress, will take place on 17-18 June 2014, at the Olympia National, London, UK. Boasting an impressive agenda with more than 300 speakers participating from 74 countries, the event is EMEA’s largest and most comprehensive Cloud event.

For more information, to plan your visit, to view the full event programme, or to register for the event, please visit or call +44 (0)207 017 5506. Alternatively, keep up to date with the event on Twitter @CloudWSeries or using #CloudWF.



There’s been a huge amount of buzz around Big Data #cloud #cloudWF # big data

It is no longer just an innovative idea…

It’s now very much at the heart of business strategy for many organisations. The art of making the most of this infinite resource is still evolving, with many organisations still considering its ramifications and possibilities. From the rise of Hadoop to the constantly growing list of regulatory provisions, the conversation on Big Data is vivid and varied, going way beyond the confines of the organisation’s IT department.

As Europe’s leading and most comprehensive gathering place for Big Data experts, the 4th Edition of the Big Data World Congress returns to the Cloud World Forum in 2014. This is the ultimate chance to meet and learn from end-user industry leaders, data scientists and regulators coming together to provide an in-depth business value case for Big Data; led with practical examples, advice and real world evidence. The draft agenda for the Big Data World Congress 2014 is now available, click here.


Cloud World Forum is EMEA’s leading Cloud event with the industry’s most comprehensive agenda of all things Cloud. Get your FREE EXPO pass here

Our 6th annual show will see more than 300 speakers from multinationals, SMEs, public sector organisations, online players, regulators, telcos and analysts joining the world’s leading Cloud solution providers. You will also gain access to 12 theatres led by Cloud end-users, including:

Developer Theatre by
A dedicated theatre looking at the nitty-gritty details of building and Supporting the Cloud, specifically tailored to Developers. The Theatre will host the first-ever Cloud Hackathon at the show! The Developer Theatre is conducted in partnership with the industry-leading Developer team of

Google Theatre
The acclaimed Partner Theatre of Google Enterprise with hands-on labs & enterprise case studies from one of the industry’s leaders. Third year in the running and exclusive to the Cloud World Forum, Google’s Cloud know-how returns at London’s Olympia National Hall!

Big Data Europe Congress
Big Data Insights, Business Analytics & Data Intelligence from the leading Big Data show in Europe gathering over 500 delegates deciphering this constantly evolving technology.

Ethernet Cloud co-hosted by the Cloud Ethernet Forum
A brand-new theatre dedicated on Cloud Ethernet & Networks technologies, with enterprise and telco speakers joining from across the world. The theatre is ran in association with the Cloud Ethernet Forum.

Executive Summit
Our exclusive boutique feature with high level discussions of the C-level movers & shakers in the IT Industry. The agenda is shaped in conjunction with the CloudCamp and Cloud Industry Forum.

AWS Security & Governance HOLs
Partner area of AWS with hands-on labs & enterprise case studies focusing on Security and Governance. World class experts from AWS and their clients share the story of how to deal with two of the most pressing issues in Cloud technology.

The Cloud Launch Pad @ Press Lounge
A brand new Live Demos & Product Launches Pad exclusive to our sponsors & exhibitors! Cloud Start Up and established vendors will once again unveil their latest products during the show. The session will be run in association with our official media partner Business Cloud News.

Download the Cloud World Forum full draft agenda for further information.

With 12 theatres, 150 exhibitors, over 250 sessions and 300 speakers, the co-location of Cloud World Forum, Big Data Congress and Enterprise Apps World jointly offer unrivalled learning and access to the forefront of Enterprise IT technology. Register your FREE EXPO pass here.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 17th – 18th June 2014, Olympia National Hall London

The transformation of IT by Cloud Computing happens right here, year on year – join us in June 2014 for shaping a future powered by the Cloud!

Big Data is a game changer

5 ways in which Big Data is a game changer

The “datafication” of everyday life and commerce is as well-documented as it is potentially scary (1984 anyone?) but we at the Big Data World Congress Munich thought we’d look beyond the conjecture and focus on 5 very practical ways in which it is used TODAY:

1. Understanding and targeting customers

3One of the most conspicuous aspects of Big Data no doubt – and why wouldn’t it be?

Think of what more you can provide for your customers if beside their names and contact details on a spread sheet you had data corresponding to their social media habitsbrowser logs, text analytics and even sensor data?

But the goal isn’t just to create a more fleshed-out user profile; many are looking to pioneer “predictive models” that would, for example, allow a retailer to predict when its customer will expect a baby. In fact, the Obama administration is a well-known advocate of Big Data and some even believe that his team’s ability to optimise his campaign using data analytics helped claim the 2012 elections.

2. Optimising Business Processes

Retailers are able to optimise their stock based on predictions generated from social media data, web search trends and weather forecasts.

One particular business process that is seeing a lot of big data analytics is supply chain especially delivery route optimisation. In this case, GPS and RFI sensors are used to track goods or delivery vehicles and optimise routes by integrating live traffic data, etc.


Intel introduces a slew of datacentre technologies for cloud service providers

Intel-ChipIn a bid to entrench its technology further into hyper-scale datacentres, Intel on Wednesday showcased chip innovations that will see the manufacturer turn up the heat on rivals AMD and ARM for the datacentres of cloud service providers.

At a media event on Wednesday, Intel’s Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the datacentre and connected systems group introduced the company’s long anticipated successor to the first generation 64-bit Atom processor, the Atom C2000, the first product family based on Intel’s “Silvermont” micro-architecture and developed using a 22nm process.

Intel says it will be delivering 13 customised Atom processors that will be optimised for specific light weight workloads including dedicated hosted, distributed caching and content delivery. The chips will feature up to eight cores, a range of 6 to 20 watts TDP (Thermal Design Power), integrated Ethernet and support up to 64 GB of memory, and the company says the performance will be between four to eight times what the previous generation delivered.

Alongside the launch of the Atom product family Intel also introduced an optical fibre and silicon photonics connector it worked on with Corning which delivers 1.6Tbps of bandwidth, and an entry-level microserver-optimised switch that when combined with the integrated Ethernet controller on the new Atom chips can be used to create software defined networking solutions for datacentres.

“As the world becomes more and more mobile, the pressure to support billions of devices and users is changing the very composition of datacentres,” Bryant said. “From leadership in silicon and SoC design to rack architecture and software enabling, Intel is providing the key innovations that original equipment manufacturers, telecommunications equipment makers and cloud service providers require to build the datacentres of the future.”

The new chip designs and product offerings will give Intel the opportunity to expand into the cold storage and networking markets, the latter being highlighted by Intel’s recent partnership with Ericsson to get its Atom-based switches into the cloud systems solutions it sells to telcos.

Moreover, the company’s move to integrate all three communication workloads – storage, processing and networking – onto the single chip shows the company is serious about staying ahead of its competitors ARM and AMD (and IBM) when it comes to keeping its technology well entrenched in the datacentres of cloud service providers. HPC datacentres require flexibility – particularly as their architectures move towards the software-defined everything model, and it will be interesting to see how Intel’s competitors respond when the company begins using a 14nm process next year; AMD’s 64-bit ARM-based server chips, code-named “Seattle,” are due out in Q1 2014.

It will also be interesting to see whether Intel’s move into the networking space ruffles Cisco’s feathers.

September 5, 2013  Written by Jonathan Brandon for Business Cloud News.


Big Data World Congress News…

Discover the business value of Big Data at the Big Data World Congress taking place on 3- 4 December 2013, at The Westin Grand Munich, Munich, Germany : FREE EXPO PASS

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