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Transformational change in higher education requires deep integration of ICT into institutional strategy and decision-making

Nicole Engelbert, Director of Research & Analysis – Industries, Ovum

As colleges and universities in the northern hemisphere prepare for another academic year, it is fitting to consider the state of the industry and what lies ahead. The past decade has brought unprecedented change, provoking many institutions and their stakeholders to re-consider even the most established traditions and processes in order to stabilize financial models, improve student outcomes, and enhance their national or even international standing. Over the next decade, the culmination of these efforts will transform the strategic vision for many institutions and result in profoundly different operating models.

This new environment raises the strategic and tactical value of technology in crucial ways. Operational efficiency depends, in large part, on leveraging ICT to automate institutional processes and transactions, as well as enable self-service capabilities for students, faculty, and staff in a 24×7 world. When implemented and resourced effectively, ICT can also empower colleges and universities to be more flexible and agile in their delivery of services and academic programs.

Effective implementation and resourcing for ICT is easier said than done, particularly in an environment of flat or declining budgets, competing priorities, highly customized legacy solutions, and ICT skills shortages. However, as higher education moves through this period of historic transformation, making strides to address this challenge has never been more important. Closing the gap between business and technology decision-making is crucial to this. Higher education must stop positioning technology as a separate institutional pillar as it undermines the college or university’s long-term health and success. Through better and sustained communications, matrix organizational structures, and progressive ICT governance, institutions have the ability to integrate ICT more deeply within the development of business strategy and tactical execution, thereby ensuring more effective ICT implementation and resourcing and, in the end, accelerating institutional innovation.

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