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Cloud Forum Asia – John’s Story

Have you met John? You can do at Cloud Forum Asia. This is his story.

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See the whole story below. What’s your story?

Cloud Forum Asia – have you met John? from Enterprise Technology on Vimeo.


Live Interview with John Woolhouse at HP at Cloud World Forum 2014 #CloudWF

Cloud computing’s numerous draws and benefits were highlighted at this year’s Cloud World Forum (CWF), but what level of commitment and investment are needed to fully benefit from them? HP Helion Managed Cloud, an established ‘pay for what you use’ system was being showcased by HP, which allows individuals to rent enterprise grade virtual private cloud servers for as long as needed, that can be simply returned when not in use. This flexible system looks set to appeal to businesses  who need to focus upon operational expenditure rather than capital expenditure, making the cloud a far more flexible prospect, perfect for those with big ambitions.


Live Interview with HP’s Andrea Nicole Garcia at Cloud World Forum 2014 #CloudWF

As the Cloud World Forum (CWF) 2014 in London drew to a close, we were able to catch up with HP’s Andrea Nicole Garcia. With the company’s new Helion network being launched, there was a huge buzz around the HP stand at the event, with customers keen on learning how HP would be moving ahead with its cloud-based operations. It was clear that this was more than a traditional fanfare product launch, but more of a way to educate potential customers on how expansive HP’s cloud services already are.


Live interview with HP’s Neil Waller at Cloud World Forum 2014 #cloudwf

The rush to get onto the cloud has left many adopters of the technology under informed as to the potential that it holds for both public and private entities. At the Cloud World Forum (CWF) 2014 in London, we were able to get a more complete picture of how much the cloud can offer. HP’s Neil Waller has been showcasing the company’s cloud computing roadmaps, which draw out the many different avenues of cloud-computing facilities that can be utilised. These have been extremely well received, with dedicated client workshops being planned to fully run through with individuals what the cloud can offer them.


Live interview with HP’s Rob Stock at Cloud World Forum 2014 #cloudwf

At technology expos, it’s always a pleasure when there are some genuine surprises thrown into the usual expected releases. At this year’s Cloud World Forum (CWF), there was a great deal of interest around the HP system of managing Agile applications – consumers are using these in more and more projects, but are unsure of how to successfully control them. At the HP exhibition stand at this year’s event, we were able to see highlighted the different ways that HP can offer support to even the most ambitious Agile projects.


Live Interview with Boris Devouge, Senior Cloud architect, at HP at Cloud World Forum 2014 #CloudWF

With a free distribution of the new Helion Openstack Community software package, HP has gathered a huge amount of interest at the 2014 Cloud World Forum (CWF) in London. For customers wanting to move towards updated cloud solutions and infrastructure, this investment in and providing of Openstack technology has shown HP to be a key player in the field. All eyes are now on HP Helion packages, to see what additional features will be included in the commercial releases. Boris Devouge has been fielding questions throughout CWF this year.

View the Cloud Word Forum 2014 Visitor Ticket

TeliaSonera interview

 Watch our video interview with TeliaSonera at Telco Cloud World Forum 2012 in Berlin: We asked what case studies he found valuable and interesting? And what are his key takeaways from the event?

What is Orange currently doing in Cloud Computing?

View our video interview with Mark Wigington, VP of Cloud, Orange FT Group at Telco Cloud Summit 2012.

We asked ‘what is Orange currently doing in Cloud Computing?’ And ‘what must Telcos do to become market leaders in the Cloud market?’

Find out more about Telco Cloud World Forum here.

How is the cloud market in New Zealand?


Here is an interview with Neil Osmond, Strategy Manager at Telecom New Zealand. We asked him: How is the cloud market in New Zealand?

This was filmed at Telcom Cloud Services Summit 2012 in Berlin.

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