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Meet the Cloud World Series Awards Judging Panel! #CWSAwards

Cloud World Series Awards
24th June 2015 at 5.30pm
Olympia Grand, London

Cloud Awards-websiteMeet our 2015 Judging Panel! 

The deadline is fast approaching to submit your entry to the Cloud World Series Awards 2015, being held in London on the 24th June at the Cloud World Forum.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to recognise excellence and progress in the sector!

Submit your entry here!

We’re delighted to announce the independent Judging Board – world class experts in Cloud Computing! Our panel of judges will review the entries and select winners, taking into consideration the below criteria:

  • What’s new, different or unique in terms of the delivery of the product/service/project
  • The complexity of the service and how it is represented in terms of ease-of-use for the end-user
  • The service’s position as a global and local market innovator
  • Unique implementation features
  • Pricing and value for money

Camille Mendler, Ovum

camille 185
Camille Mendler is Principal Analyst and Head of Enterprise Verticals at Ovum. She has 18 years of multi-disciplinary experience in global telecommunications serving enterprises, service providers, ICT vendors and government bodies. An accomplished strategy consultant, Camille has delivered more than 70 expert engagements to clients worldwide.

Area of expertise: Cloud enablement, managed services, M2M, Ethernet, long-tail wireless and new business models.

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Professor Mark Skilton, Warwick Business School 

mark 185
Mark has held senior global Director positions in Information Technology in internal and external, consulting internationally in many industries and organizations. He has over 30 years experience in a wide variety of customer facing and provider solutions strategies, consulting to board level in operating model transformations and value creation.

Mark’s experience includes new media multi-channel services, big data analytics and mobile ecosystems for new business models.

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Jacqui Taylor, CEO, FlyingBinary

jacqui 185
Jacqui has 25 years experience of deploying technology change across the world. After implementing a banking regulatory change programme with Web 3.0 tools she co-founded FlyingBinary.

A Ministerial appointment to the Cabinet Office for the second year to the Open Data User Group as an Open Data Domain Expert recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data. Jacqui has just produced her first book “Mapping the Future” which signals the changes for the data journalism industry.

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Chris Wray, Partner, Kemp Little Consulting

Chris has 30 years of consulting experience spanning Andersen Consulting, Price Waterhouse, Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte.

His experience of technology and digital media related client issues comes from his role as lead consulting partner for Andersen Business Consulting and Deloitte’s Travel, Hospitality and Leisure industry practices, combined with being a founding director of Clustre – an innovative network of unique technology based products and services companies…

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The ceremony will commence at 5.30pm on the show floor of the Cloud World Forum 2015, presented by Bryan Glick, Editor in Chief at Computer Weekly

Submit your entry here

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Good luck and we hope to be celebrating with you in London this coming June!


The Cloud World Series Awards are now OPEN for submissions! #CWSAwards

Cloud World Series Awards
24th June 2015
Olympia Grand, London

Cloud Awards-websiteThe Cloud World Series Awards are now OPEN for submissions! 

The Cloud World Series Awards are back for the 3rd year, taking place at the Cloud World Forum in Olympia Grand on the 24th June 2015. In a constantly evolving industry, with so many cutting-edge Cloud providers and new entrants to the market, competition at this year’s awards is set to be the most fierce yet!

Submit your entry here!

The Cloud World Series Awards 2015 is a celebration of the drive, innovation and hard work in the global cloud computing industry, with six categories recognising services from across the ecosystem. The Awards will bring together the industry leaders and experts across the Cloud that have driven developments in Cloud over the past year.

The Awards will be judged by world class experts in Cloud Computing, who will independently select the shortlist and also select the winners. This year’s panel includes:

  • Professor Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice in Information Systems & Management, Warwick Business School
  • Chris Wray, Partner, Kemp Little Consulting
  • Camille Mendler, Principal Analyst and Head of Enterprise Verticals, Informa Telecoms & Media
  • Jacqui Taylor, CEO, FlyingBinary

The ceremony will be presented by Bryan Glick, Editor in Chief at Computer Weekly.

This year’s categories are:

  1. Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
  2. Best Cloud Application
  3. Most Innovative SME/Start up Vendor
  4. Best IOT Platform
  5. Best Cloud SME Project by a Vendor
  6. Best Enterprise Mobility Solution

Submit your entry here

More information here

Good luck and we hope to be celebrating with you in London this coming June!


Telcos voice concerns about taking core networks to the cloud #telcocloud

Telcos voice concerns about taking core networks to the cloud | Business Cloud News

Under threat from companies not traditionally viewed as competitors, telcos are racing to both offer cloud services to end-user customers and tap into the cloud to run core network functions in a bid to make their value propositions more competitive and infrastructure more dynamic. But cloud experts from Orange, Swisscom and AT&T have each voiced concerns around just how capable the sector may be at managing such a bold transformation with existing tools.

Speaking at the OpenStack Summit in Paris on Tuesday, experts from major European and US telecoms firms, all of which are experimenting with using OpenStack to stand up core network services or cloud services for end-users (or both), agreed that existing telecoms industry regulation can pose challenges when introducing NFV and cloud architectures to underpin them.

Toby Ford, AVP cloud technology, strategy and planning at AT&T, which has made some progress in recent months with its NFV experiments and in rolling out its cloud stack, said that the extent to which telcos in the US can virtualise networks is limited in some part by stringent regulations.

“The actual facilities we use have a lot of legal rules we have to apply, so we’re doing a lot of work to work around those as we go forward [with NFV],” he said.

This issue, particularly with respect to security, isn’t altogether dissimilar from what other highly regulated verticals are facing. The key question is how do you as a company demonstrate a virtual appliance is as reliable as physical hardware in terms of resilience, uptime, security, and so forth?

Markus Brunner, head of standardisation in the strategy and innovation department of Swisscom said guaranteeing quality of service, which in some contexts is legislated, is also a key challenge.

“It’s really about guarantees. We have a set of services which require guarantees – legally require certain guarantees,” he said.


Telco Cloud 2015 Survey Results #Telcocloud

Hello Telco Cloud community,

Exciting news – we are now finalising the agenda for the 2015 Telco Cloud Forum. For the past month I have been researching with the industry to identify challenges and trends that the Telco Cloud community is facing currently when launching cloud services. After speaking to over 50 top industry experts it has become clear that there are definitely key common trends amongst telcos, that we’ll be covering in the 2015 agenda. Let me tell you a bit more about them….

Virtualisation is the big topic that everybody is talking about!  As you might remember, last year we had a stream devoted to technical innovations, including virtualisation. It went so well that you’ve asked us to expand it in 2015. So watch out for a whole stream on new trends, interesting case studies and exciting tools on NFV, SDN and network virtualisation. We will bring all the relevant solutions and Telco cloud virtualisation practical case studies. You will walk away knowing how virtualisation is changing the game for Telcos’ cloud business?

Not surprisingly, cloud security appeared to be another major topic. Over 70% of my calls mentioned that security is becoming progressively more important to Telcos looking to win in the cloud space.  Building a strong holistic approach towards a wide range of security problems is ‘a must’ for Telcos. It’s not an IT service anymore, it’s Telcos’ USP.

Since we launched the Forum over 5 years ago we’ve been covering Go-to-Market strategies or in other words ‘How to Sell’ and ‘What to Sell’.  The 2015 Telco Cloud Forum will be covering this crucial and essential topic from all the possible angles. We will delve into the deepest details of Business Models and Go-to-Market strategies. Have a look yourself at some of the sessions we have lined up:

  • Oxford Style Debates: What do Telcos Sell Best?
  • SaaS and other XaaS: Challenges to Overcome and the Right Decisions to Make
  • Hybrid Models – Delivering Best-in-class High-performance and High-Availability
  • M2M Opportunities for Telco Cloud
  • Workshop: Advancing SaaS Business Models: Enhancing Product Portfolio
  • Unified Communication as an Essential Business Reality
  • 360 Degree Panel on How to Sell the Cloud? Hear from all parties involved in selling the Cloud: each panellist will be a representative from each market player: Telco, System Integrator, Cloud experts and Cloud Service Providers
  • The SME as the Number 1 Customer Group that Telcos can Grow their Revenue From
  • How ODEON & UCI Cinemas Group Are Developing their ICT Strategy Implementing Cloud Based Services
  • Utilizing New Channels to Attract Existing or Adjacent Customer Segments
  • New and Enhanced Revenue Streams from Enterprise Mobility
  • Panel: What are the Skillsets Required to Successfully Sell Cloud – Learning A, B, C Once Again

Finally, there is no way we can avoid the hot topic of the moment, Big Data and Analytics. Over the past few years Big Data has evolved from being a buzz word to something Telcos are increasingly implementing and using when improving customer experience and operational efficiency. The main challenges that operators told me they are facing are all about maximizing existing Data in the Cloud.  Knowing which privileges Telcos have and learning about practical lessons and pain points of Big Data implementation are the top priorities for Telcos now.


Cloud MENA 2015 Survey Results #CloudMENA

Hello Cloud community,

I am now finalising the speaker panel for our 5th Edition of the Cloud MENA Forum, taking place 13th & 14th April 2015 in Dubai. In addition to the discussions I had with leading IT experts from Enterprises, Operators, Solution Providers and Industry Bodies to understand better the Cloud-related challenges in the region, we recently run a relevant on-line survey. You can find below some of the responses we received along with comments.

We asked the audience to rate the benefits of Cloud Computing and the 3 predominant ones were: 1) Cost efficiency, 2) Data security and 3) Agility.

Following this, we asked you ‘What challenges are you facing when it comes to Cloud adoption?’. Key themes that came up were:

  • Privacy related concerns: guaranteeing data security, trusting the Cloud, understanding the regional legislation.
  • Internal related concerns: willingness to change, getting internal buy-in, and training staff.
  • Customer related concerns: communicating the technicalities, benefits and risks of collecting, storing and analysing customer data.
  • Vendor related concerns: choosing the Cloud model that responds to your needs, location of data centre, accessibility and SLA agreements, long term availability of service.
  • Technical concerns: moving large amounts of data to the Cloud, managing Big Data & Analytics, understanding SaaS Vs Cloud, convergence & virtualisation.

It is quite interesting to notice the paradox that the mentioned benefits, also constitute some of the largest barriers to Cloud adoption in the MENA region.

In addition, the lack of clear regional or national regulation on the matter adds to the confusion and makes Cloud adoption even more challenging. 35.71% of the respondent said they are ‘confused, not too sure what regulation permits’ and a 10.71% said they are not aware at all of what the regulation permits.

It is hard to miss the image the above information paints – how the IT industry in the MENA region seems caught up in a vicious circle that keeps Cloud penetration levels low. Even though the benefits of Cloud (agility, cost reduction, data security, collaboration and productivity benefits and more) are widely accepted, the privacy concerns, unclear regulatory landscape, level of initial investment required and technical challenges are making getting internal buy-in for Cloud highly challenging for IT leaders. It is apparent that there is lack of information or education (on all levels and topics) in the region.

We have developed Cloud MENA in a way that it is a high level educational platform for the region. We hope that it will break down several myths and help bring the IT industry forward in the Middle East and North Africa.Being free for operators and enterprises and featuring dedicated streams for both, with 50+ speakers, 850+ facilitated VIP introductions (in 2014) and 10+ hours of interactive and networking sessions & breaks, Cloud MENA needs to be in your calendar!

For more speaking, exhibiting, attending or anything else have a look at our website: or get in touch at

P.S. The above is just a short outline of some of the responses we got from the survey – we will elaborate further in future posts.

Best wishes,

Melina Diamantopoulou
Senior Conference Researcher

Meet the Cloud World Forum 2015 Expert Advisory Board

Cloud World Forum continues to go from strength to strength, and we’re looking forward to 2015 being the best year yet!

CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CMOs, HR and Finance Directors will meet with service providers and their partners to bring the digital enterprise to life through cloud technology. Download the preview brochure for the latest updates.

In June our attendees enjoyed innovative, market-leading knowledge sharing throughout content rich conference theatres, learning from 300+ of the industry’s finest speakers.

All-day networking took place and our 175 exhibitors enjoyed hundreds of leads, closed executive level discussions, and of course the Cloud World Series Awards and Drinks Reception.

Registration open

The visitor registration for the 2015 edition of Cloud World Forum (June 24-25) is now open. Secure your free exhibition pass today.

Speaking opportunities

We are now reading through the impressive submissions from our call for papers and collating the research undergone with key industry experts in preparation for another stunning keynote announcement in the New Year.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our Advisory Board members who have all given insight into the opportunities and challenges they are seeing as leading IT decision makers, ensuring that the Cloud World Forum once again only delivers the content which the industry needs to hear!

2015 Advisory Board

  • Graham Benson, CIO, MandM Direct
  • Paul Boyns, Head of Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture, BBC
  • Paul Brigland, Head of ICT & Departmental Records Officer, Supreme Court
  • Brian Chan, VP, Information Technology Corporate Services Group, Avnet
  • Chily Fachler, Executive VP Technology, Green Man Gaming
  • Myron Hrycyk, Global CIO, Severn Trent
  • Christian Joannes, Global Head of Provisioning, Platform Management, Capacity & Event Management, Deutsche Bank
  • Martin King, Head of IT Services Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College
  • Andy Pickard, Head of Analytics & BI, digitalent
  • Barak Regev, Head of EMEA Cloud Platform, Google
  • Menakshi Sehwani, Regional Technology Director EMEA, JWT London
  • David Smoley, CIO, AstraZeneca
  • John O’Donovan, CTO, Financial Times
  • Dirk van Rooy, Head of Sector, Trust & Security, European Commission
  • David Wilde, CIO, Essex County Council
  • Jacqueline Steed, CDO, Student Loans Company

If you are still eager to shape the content and share your innovations within one of our many conference theatres at the show, please do submit details of how you are helping to advance the digital enterprise here.

A moment with Imad Hoballah, Chairman and CEO – Telecommunications Regulatory Authority #CloudMENA

In the run up to the Cloud MENA Forum 2015 we caught up with Imad Hoballah, Chairman and CEO from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

a) Would you tell us a bit more about the TRA and you role?

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is an independent public institution established by Law 431/2002 and legally mandated to liberalize, regulate and develop telecommunications in Lebanon. Our mission is to promote development, progress, digital economy, competition and investments, maintain stability in the market and protect consumers rights.

The TRA basically issues licenses, regulations, and decisions, manages, assigns and monitors spectrum and the numbering plan in the country, monitors the market for any abuse of dominant market position and anti-competitive practices and take remedial actions when necessary.

I am the Chairman and CEO of the TRA and the Chair of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the Arab “Internet Governance Forum (IGF)”, and I have been leading the TRA since April 2010. I have also been the head of the Telecommunications Technologies Unit (TTU) at the TRA since its inception in February 2007.

b) How do you see the regulatory landscape of Cloud Computing in the MENA region, how do you think it will evolve and how would you like it to see it evolve?

We are witnessing in the MENA region some efforts to regulate Cloud computing by tackling the regulatory components such as data privacy, confidentiality and security in addition to dispute resolution and Quality of…Click here to read on!

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