How is the role of PaaS going to change in the next few years?

cloudControl CEO and founder Philipp Strube recently sat down with GigaOM to discuss this and other topics.

IaaS-only is not enough, says Strube – providers need an integrated PaaS for an offering to make sense. “Customers want one-stop shopping for both of the services. They have certain use cases where Infrastructure as a Service is enough, and another where Platform as a Service is better. But they want to be able to pick one provider now, and have both options later.”

Philipp goes on to talk about the company and platform, and about leveraging cloudControl’s experience in public PaaS to offer a new PaaS model: White Label PaaS.

“I think it’s important that we’ve always been a public Platform as a Service company,” says Philipp. “We’ve built up a lot of experience helping people develop cloud applications on top of our PaaS. The really new thing we’re doing is offering more ways to get access to this technology.”

The White Label model is a unique offering for companies who are comfortable providing Infrastructure as a Service, but may not be confident to create and run a public PaaS themselves.

“(Running PaaS) is a very different problem from running Infrastructure as a Service. It takes an entire, dedicated team to run, so it’s a very large investment. (…) With White Label, we offer a partnership model where we run our PaaS technology on top of a company’s IaaS in their data center for them, including first-level support. They can then offer their customers both infrastructure and platform under the same brand.”


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