Want to find out how NEC powered Telefonica’s SaaS Cloud? Read their white paper below:

We took care of the clouds for Telefonica

At NEC we uniquely provide Cloud solutions that combine IT & communication innovations like SaaS or ‘Software as a Service’. It is products like this that enabled Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica to adapt, thrive and compete in today’s competitive market place. It’s this holistic business model that allows us, and our partners to stay one step ahead of the competition.

There are no limits when NEC takes care of the cloudsThe future is brighter and clearer than ever before for businesses worldwide due to the extra benefits and advantages of Cloud computing solutions.

At NEC we uniquely provide Cloud solutions that combine IT, communication and network innovations.

SaaS or ‘software as a service’ is a simple but insightful way of providing software as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service, dramatically reducing the need for costly multiple software agreements, separate licenses for each in-house device and negating the need for expensive on-site servers.

It’s one of the many solutions that we proposed for the giant telecoms provider Telefonica for example. They had seen the once rapid rise in mobile traffic slow, stall and then dwindle because of the impact of increased competition from the established telecoms industry and new areas like online and other sources.

Telefonica needed to do something quickly to adapt and to compete. This is where we stepped in.

We already had an established and respected relationship with Telefonica due to our expertise in mobile technology. This enabled us to approach them to see how we could add value to the their offering. Once our proposal had taken form we needed someone with a proven track record and an excellent reputation within the industry to carry that forward.

Isaac Mendoza leads the European Competence Center From our European hub in Madrid we are able to provide the strategic planning, business modelling, partner management and support for fixed and mobile operators.

Isaac manages an International team of In-country executives with expertise in Cloud services. It is a formidable offering as it stands but made even more dynamic when you consider that we can call on truly global resources through our worldwide network as and when the need arises.

Telefonica are a major global player in the telecoms field, operating in 24 countries and were sure to have many suitors with designs on how they could help shape Telefonica’s future but they chose to work with NEC for a number of very good reasons.

Bolivia has a population of about 10 million people of many different cultures, spread over a geographic area of over one million square kilometers.  For political and geographical reasons, Bolivia has long lacked a permanent, reliable electoral voter list.

Traditionally it takes up to 18 months to go to market with a Cloud solution like this, but we were able to achieve it within 3 months. When you consider the normal time frame, it’s something that we are proud of.
We’re able to move this quickly because we have a truly global reach and can call on incredible assets, skills and talent from all over the world. We were the first to blend IT and Communications and we are also responsible for creating the concept of the Carrier Cloud, delivering Cloud services and platform applications with carrier grade availability and quality.

In creating this particular Cloud solution for Telefonica we were able to utilise the knowledge and expertise of NEC Australia, Japan and other resources worldwide.

From a position of relative stasis, Telefonica’s growth is now rising exponentially month on month due in part to our IT & Communications solutions through the Cloud.

Our unique approach and the relationship that we have formed through working closely with Telefonica has born fruit and we are now involved on more and more projects with them and also with their partners.

Where others might see limits; we see unlimited potential and possibilities.

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